Health & Medical Tourism

The generous nature “has given” Samothrace a huge geothermal landscape. The hot sulfur springs with great therapeutic value, dominating the entrance to thesettlement of Therma.

Therma Samothrace, 15 km. From Kamariotissa, the harbor of island. Hot springs known from the Byzantine period.
Spas and hot sulfur springs are part of the natural wealth of the island, while their therapeutic properties were already known since ancient times. The waters of hot springs, characterized metallic, differ from simple sources, either because of their high temperature or due to the presence of rare active ingredients. The hot springs are the basis of treatment field known as spa hydrotherapy (thermalism).

However, the beneficial properties of hydrotherapy are broader and are beneficial for people of all ages. They offer improved appearance (particularly on the condition of the skin), to a general feeling of relaxation

Therapeutic indications:
rheumatoid arthritis, chronic rheumatism, gynecological disorders, peripheral vascular disease, secondary skin diseases, obesity.
Currenlty in operation individual or group baths.