Ecological Tourism

Samothrace island is famous for its lagoons “that act like the mythical sirens” attract thousands of travelers who arrive on the island to enjoy from close these impressive geomorphological formations.

The lagoons of the island outnumber the 100 but the most popular by far are the Fonias and the Gria Vathra.

Leaving Kamariotissa, Samothraki’s port, towards the north and after about 13 km. you will meet Therma. A green paradise with warm mineral sulfur springs (known from the Byzantine period), that flow through the tall chestnut trees and dense myrtle trees. From here begins the ascent of Mount Saos one of the tallest in the Aegean. The lagoons you meet in your way are many. However, the discovery of the “hidden treasure” requires walking and sometimes climbing … The degree of difficulty increases significantly as you approach the highest lagoon. So get your backpack, a pair of closed shoes, get in your exploration mood and … lets go!

Gria Vathra

2 km from Therma within a beautiful landscape full of plane trees and fernsis the Gria Vathra (lagoon), a sequence of at least ten waterfalls and lagoons, most of them easily accessible. Depending on your mood and your physicalstrength you can choose between two paths. The first path, the easiest – suitable for families – will lead you after a relaxed10 -15 minutes walk in an artificial lagoon. It is worthwhile to go on the rearside of the cliff where you will find the first natural lagoon, small but quiteenough room to take a rest. At this point the trail seems to sink into the water! Dare to do your first “baptism”. Enter the water and proceed to the second lagoon … the third … so forth as long as you can handle it! The higher you go up to the mountain the more of the mountain magic will excite you.
The alternative path (route) – more challenging than the first – requires twenty minutes of walking
on a path with no shade leading to a large lagoon with cozysand.
Here you can camp and enjoy a refreshing swim in the icy waters.


From the largest and most popular water routes of the region is the stream Fonias that generously offers a number of spectacular waterfalls, large water slides and lagoons between white granite rocks. You start walking in a magnificent area (5 km. from Therma) that seems to jump out from the pages of children’s fairy tale full of images of enchanted forests, nymphs and elves. You will meet the first lagoon after about 30 minutes of easy route, with clear walking markings, through rich plane trees. The granite lagoon on which ends a small waterfall is very large and gathers the most people.
But now comes the hard part, because climbing is required to reach the numerous lagoons that follow. The path ascends to Gerania Vathra (lagoon)with its own waterfall. Later and after two hours demanding route you arrivein Kleidosi, the tallest waterfall of Fonias with 35 meters.
As you climb to discover the next lagoon your climbing gets
more and more difficult because of the slippery rocks and the large slope.