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Samothraki is the land that the man of the ancient times chose to worship the Gods through its mystic energy that can heal body and soul. This energy is welling up from the ground covering the whole island with a veil of mystery. Paleopolis, being the mystical center of antiquity, remains the place with the highest flow of positive energy and this is why it was chosen from us to create Samothraki Village, a hotel for those seeking serenity in a unique island.
Samothraki Village Hotel is located in an exquisite location overlooking the Thracian sea. Our clients can enjoy traditional breakfast with local flavors and products directly from our garden. The hotel - pool bar and snack - bar is open for our guests and visitors all day to relax with mountain Saos at the background.
Samothraki Village has the only Fitness Center on the island for exercise and Spa facilities for relaxation, equipped with sauna, hamam, hydro massage. The professional therapists are available for body and face therapies.
Our hotel accommodates conferences and has also home cinema, free Wi-Fi and computers for all clients.